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Miami affordable attorney dismissal all charges to include motion to dismiss if grounds are discovered and applicable. Free consultation!

Miami Affordable Attorney Dismissal All Charges Grounds for Dismissal Miami

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Miami Criminal Court Case Affordably Dismissed

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Miami Affordable Attorney Dismissal All Charges Grounds for Dismissal Miami

Miami Affordable Attorney Dismissal All Charges Grounds for Dismissal Miami

Is it possible to have your criminal court case in Miami dismissed affordably? Let’s take a long hard look at what we are saying.

It is absolutely to your advantage to have Miami criminal charges against you dismissed, and it is more affordable to do so on your behalf than to go to trial.

This depends on very specific key elements being your constitutional rights and have they been violated and/or is it possible to establish in your case that it is impossible for you have to committed the act you are accused.

For example if you are accused of robbing a bank in Miami on a specific day and time and you where in England for example this would establish an alibi and grounds to enter a motion to dismiss.

Regardless if you where in England or not, it is not up to the attorney to dismiss your criminal Miami court case but the jurisdiction of the ruling judge to decide based on a motion entered on your behalf.

An attorney can only enter motions; not rule in any criminal court case so their is no guarantee that any court case can be dismissed. It is dependant on the attorney, respectability of your lawyer and the individual case itself. Erik Courtney will review your case at no charge to you searching for grounds to dismiss. Call now!

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